Welcome to is an OAuth2
Provider (i.e. Server)
written in Python.

About is an API gateway and OAuth2 server. Although designed with health information in mind, it can be used more generally. The Github repository is named Share My Health, but the project's title is now "". It was renamed in part so as not to confuse it with the ShareMyHealth Project operated by the Aliiance for Better Health. This software one of the core component of the ShareMyHealth project along with the "ShareMyHealth App" and "VerifyMyIdentity". is a tool for creating enterprise APIs for B-to-C and B-to-B applications. Any RESTful API can be managed through the gateway, including FHIR APIs. can proxy FHIR servers such as Microsoft FHIR Server and the HAPI FHIR server. can also conneect to Health Information Exchanges such as Intersystems HealthShare.

Your organization can tailor this base project to create your own API infrastructure. is designed to work seamlessly with its sister project Verify My Identity, an open source Open ID Connect Provider. is written in Python and Django. It is free open source software under the Apache2 license. Commercial support is provided by Videntity Systems, Inc.. Other packages are incorporated including the "Django OAuth Toolkit" and "Bootstrap4". See requirements.txt for a full list of package dependcies.